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Video becomes more popular every year for gaining your online presence, engaging customers and holding memories from your special occasion.

I love the diversity of video projects from working in factories to looking at the details of wedding dresses to interviewing CEOs business philosophy to capturing the flow of an artist.

The subjects may seem different by the end result but they are all connected in a similar way. You have a story to tell and video is the vehicle to take us on that journey.

My Story

I started making dance for camera in the early days of my performance career. I was interested in the movement of a camera within the movement of the people.

This curiosity let me investigate dance and comedy. I had my videography shown in dance festivals and on Icelandic national TV. After living in Europe and Scandinavia when I returned back to the UK, I started my videography company to continue delivering the creative challenges that I enjoyed as a professional contemporary dancer and Choreographer.

I love connecting with people from very different backgrounds my cameras allows me to enter into peoples lives where otherwise I would not experience.

After collecting the video images the creative process begins. I will spend days Sitting down and forming these video images into your story until a way of communication that connects with a wide audience is realised.

My Videography   


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One of the elements of leadership strategy is the ability to listen to the needs of the company.


My experience as a Dance Theatre Director, along with my MA studies in Leadership and Change means that when I'm producing videography for businesses I’m constantly thinking of how the video image represents the objectives of the company and how to attract more of their clients and keep them engaged.


Dance has influenced my use of camera angles and how to compose my frame, always looking at how the movement guides the mood of the video storytelling.

Years of training pursuing levels of excellence continues with my drive for complete client satisfaction.


The concept of starting with a blank canvas when painting and designing, to represent an appealing image, is how I treat my videography. I use my creativity to produce something both functional, beautiful, artistic and engaging.

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