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At Anderson Videography I work with various industries needing to get their message to a wider audience.

Showcasing your company with videos is the perfect medium to convey the personality of your team and the services it delivers.


This gives you the opportunity to reach more clients digitally in an easily accessible package.

Capturing Events

In our work intensive, fast-paced world, it can be a challenge to attend scheduled events you want or need to see. 


Even before the pandemic, recorded live events had become an important part of sustaining a business in the 21st Century. The archiving lectures, education, and company updates help give the flexibility to digest information in their own time.

Highlight  Promos

Highlight Videos are an excellent way to convey the essence of your company in an attention-grabbing sequence of images.

These carefully selected visuals are supported by a soundtrack that captures the character of your company.

Highlight Videos are designed to quickly grab the attention of curious clients that have an interest in your company.

Explanation videos

Selling your services with only the written word can be a slower process than showing a simple but detailed explanation video.

I will work with you to script and structure a video that will support your brand and USP. You can then attach the video to your email to give a strong visual about what your compnay has to offer.

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